Couscous Peppers & Onions

This used to be our go to for a fast, cheap dinner or lunch years ago in our pre-vegan days. We didn't eat red meat or pork but we ate a lot of turkey, chicken and fish and we always used the turkey kielbasa for this. But now we either leave out the vegan meat of use Beyond brats.

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This is a super fast, super easy, super cheap and super delicious and nutritious meal.

You'll need one - three boxes of couscous depending on the size of your family. We use three boxes for a family of 5 (the kids are teenagers) and it gives a little extra for someone to take to work the next day for lunch. Follow the instructions on the box.

Sauté one 1 two onions

1-2 bell peppers, whatever color you prefer.

Sometimes we add mushrooms but only when we want to torture our daughter HAHAHA

Toss a lid on the pan and let it break down a bit. You want it tender but not mushy and not crunchy.

I like to add a bit of water to help steam the veggies and it makes a great juice to drizzle over the couscous.

Chop your Beyond brats or other vegan meat and place it on top of the veggies. Don't stir yet, replace the lid and let the steam cook the meat. once it's nice and firm, then stir it all together. At this point you can add chopped fresh spinach, micro pea etc. and serve over the couscous.

We typically don't add any seasoning as the packet that comes with the couscous has all the seasoning necessary.

If you are using non vegan meat such as the kielbasa, start with the meat, slice it and fry it in a frying pan then add the veggie and cook it all together.


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