Our packaging is 100% biodegradable and compostable. It may look like your standard plastic carton or produce bag, but it is actually made of eco friendly and renewable Polylactic Acid (PLA), a resin made from corn starch, tapioca, or sugar cane. While typical petroleum based plastic can take thousands of years to breakdown, PLA only takes about 45-90 days. And since it is made from natural and renewable plant sources, it is not leaching toxic chemicals into your food or the environment.

We like to partner with "World Changers", people and businesses that work toward helping and loving others to make our world a better place.  That is the exact reason we chose World Centric to partner with for our packaging.  They are doing wonderful things to make an impact in our world. 

"Driven to reduce waste and suffering in people's lives"

"Making an impact for a better world"

You will be helping the environment from start to finish


The average person produces around 4-1/2 pounds of trash each day, and of that more than half ends up in a landfill. Petroleum-based plastic foodservice packaging that is soiled with food residue contaminates the recycling stream and despite our best intentions, often gets tossed into the landfill.

Rather than creating more waste using packaging that can end up as trash, World Centric products are designed to be 100% compostable and turn into healthy soil when composted.

Along with being environmentally friendly, World Centric diverts 25% of their profits to global grassroots environmental programs and offsets their carbon emissions.

We love seeing and showcasing how chefs of all skill levels are using our products. Tag us on social  media to share your photos!

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