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Our Crops


Our Micro's are grown to order.

"ETH"  (Estimated Time to Harvest) is listed for each crop.

Every crop has a different ETH.

Our other crops are not grown to order.

They are available only when harvested. 

Micro's are living food. By adding living foods to your diet on a consistent basis, you can help to improve your overall health. Living foods contain concentrated antioxidants in the form of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, and plant pigments. These are "natures protectors" - our first line of defense against free radical damage and toxic build up. Unfortunately, most of the foods we consume are depleted in these essential nutrients. Eating living foods regularly is the best way to heal your body, reverse the damage that has been done and protect against future damage. The best thing you can do for your overall health is to eat a plant based diet. Limiting or eliminating all animal product from your diet is the key to a long healthy life.


Our Micro Crops

We have grown and tested over 50 Micro varieties.

We only offer around 15 to our customers.

The reason behind this? 

During our taste tests, if we made a disgusted face, gagged, spit out the greens and/or yelled "Dear God NO!", then we don't want to offer it to you.  These are our family favorites and we are sure they will be yours as well. 

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Non-Micro Crops


This is where you will find our living lettuces, mini carrots, peppers, tomatoes  etc. 

The items in the category are not grown to order. They are in-stock on the day of harvest and once they are sold they will go into "out of stock" until the next harvest day.


We do grow to order for chef's/restaurant's.


Wheatgrass and Barleygrass!

One pound of grass yields approx.

12 oz of juice. 


We love seeing and showcasing how chefs of all skill levels are using our products. Tag us on social  media to share your photos!

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